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Marie Carmichael Stopes (1880-1958), Paleobotanist

Contraception by Marie Stopes

Contraception by Marie Stopes

When it was published, Contraception was widely held to be the most comprehensive volume on the subject ever published. A paleobotanist, prolific author, and social reformer, Stopes (1880-1958) was best known for her pioneering efforts to promote the use of birth control in the United Kingdom. In 1921, she established the first British birth control clinic. Although she was condemned by the Catholic Church for her staunch advocacy of contraception, Stopes paved the way for an increasing public acceptance of books on the subject of human sexuality.


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Marie Carmichael Stopes. Contraception (Birth Control) Its Theory, History and Practice: A Manual for the Medical and Legal Professions. London: John Bale, Sons & Danielsson, Limited, 83-91, GT. Titchfield Street, Oxford Street, W.1., 1923.



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